From Community to Coffee Shop: The Power of Embracing Local Suppliers


Another way we do things differently here at The White Feather Coffee Co, is how we source our produce. It underpins our Values and will be fundamental to how we do business as we grow. 

For me, there are a number of reasons we prioritise sourcing locally whenever possible. The first is obviously the reduction of emissions caused by transportation of goods. If we are getting our bacon from just down the road, then that’s going to impact positively on our carbon footprint as a business, which aligns with our environmental credentials. 

But also by locally sourcing our produce, it positively impacts the individual supplier, as well as enables us to build long term relationships and grow together. A number of our suppliers have grown with us, not necessarily just off the back of us. But they’ve been able to grow and adapt as we have and it has been so rewarding to be on that journey together. 

This local sourcing of our goods has in turn positively impacted the local economy too. By opting to select local suppliers over the large national companies, we have also continued to support the local job market. So it’s having that knock on, ripple effect throughout our communities. 

This also enables us to guarantee the level of quality that fits with our brand when we shop small. Because I know that Malcolm Pyne owner of Pynes of Somerset, really cares that their bacon is the best around. Just as much as I know Tom Brazier from Brazier Coffee Roasters ensures we are serving the best coffee because it reflects on his brand. So it’s important that we all work together to champion each other.

So a bit more about our fabulous local suppliers…

Braziers Coffee Roasters

I’ve worked with Braziers Coffee Roasters since I started the business back in 2016. They actually fitted out my little Citroen two CV coffee van for me and we’ve worked together ever since. Their business has grown dramatically since we started working with them, which has been really interesting to see. 

Braziers are based in Wellington, Somerset, so just down the motorway a few stops from our Bridgwater venues. They have their own in-house cafe and bakery, and supply their coffee across the South West region. They are so committed to the quality of their coffee, that is why they are so great to do business with. They also supply and maintain all of our coffee machines and they’re always there for advice and guidance. We’re actually off there next week for some training with our managers and assistant managers. 

Braziers have really helped me to craft my business, and so I feel they’re not just a supplier. They are a partner in essence and we champion each other’s work across the industry. 

Little Jack Horners

Little Jack Horners supply us with sausage rolls across all of our sites. They are the best sausage rolls you will ever try. I’ve recently been on their case, because over Christmas they did an amazing port and blackberry sausage roll and it was to die for! I really want them to bring that on as a regular feature on their menu. They are one of our biggest sellers across all of our sites. 

We started off with just a few boxes of their sausage rolls per week, and then all of a sudden we’re asking for over 300 a week!!  

Little Jack Horners are based in Frome, so close by to our Bath location, and obviously not very far from Bridgwater either. They offer some really good flavours and the quality is just above and beyond what you’d ever get anywhere else. So they’re great to work with, we’re always shouting out their amazingness on social media.

Pynes of Somerset

Pynes of Somerset are a local butchers based in Bridgwater and I have worked with the Malcolm since day dot. They supply all of our meat to our Bridgwater based sites whether that is raw or cooked. Again, it’s that quality on another level from the local butcher, that you can taste the difference, compared to supermarkets or other larger providers. 

We have a relationship there that we’ve built over the years. I know for example that my staff can always ring up and ask questions. If we want things to be packed in a different way then they’ll always look to do that where possible. And again it’s that partnership, a two way thing which is really valuable. They were so supportive in my early days, so it’s been really nice to go on that journey with them.


Cakesmiths is based in Bristol and they supply all our cakes across all of our sites. I think it’s always really hard to find a really good cake supplier. And then we stumbled upon Cakesmiths, and it was like, ‘Oh my gosh! These guys are soooo what we’re looking for!’ 

They’re so fitting with our brand and everything we’re trying to achieve, and the quality is just amazing! They do these sticky cinnamon buns, which are just absolutely sensational! They come in a box of 8 and they literally sell out so quick! 

Their systems are also great, as we use their online ordering so you can go online, place your order and it’s with you the next day. This means we’re keeping everything fresh and we can be really reactive with things that sell, so we can keep stocked up and continue to keep a great range of cakes, without the waste! So yeah, love, LOVE Cakesmiths! I think they’re a brilliant brand and absolutely love their cakes.

Hobbs House Bakery

Hobbs House Bakery is also based in Bristol and they supply our Bath site with our pastries. Just fantastic quality. We have tried lots of bakery options over the years but nothing comes close to what Hobbs House provides us with.

So using those local suppliers personally is really important to me. It’s about building partnerships. I don’t just see them as suppliers. We are in a partnership, we’re in an ongoing relationship of working together, even down to shouting them out on social media, and them sharing our posts. All of those additional things are really important to supporting each other. I think if we all do a bit more of it as small local independents, then we can really go head to head with the big boys and compete in that sphere. I just LOVE the personal relationships I’ve built, as well making some really good long lasting friends through my supplier network. It’s a really special community to be a part of as a small local independent myself.

So as you can see, here at The White Feather Coffee Co. we are not only looking to serve you a fantastic flat white with a smile. We are also looking to impact the local communities that surround each and every one of our coffee shops across the land as part of!

Thank you for reading and look forward to welcoming you in person very soon!

Holly x