Reuse, recycle, reduce….Re:Water!


Did you know that 8 million tons of plastic are dumped into our oceans every year?!

At White Feather, we’re committed to doing our bit for the environment, making positive changes to our service and the products we serve, to reduce unnecessary waste and encourage our customers to make positive choices where the environment is concerned.

Since opening our Bath Spa Railway Station site in 2022, we’ve been committed to selling soft drinks only in either glass or aluminium bottles, apart from water. We’ve always been conscious of the need to find an alternative to plastic bottled water, but we haven’t yet found a suitable solution…until now!

At the end of 2023, we started talking to Re:Water, a company who produce and supply still and sparkling water in reusable aluminium bottles, and we are proud to say that these are now the only bottles of water we stock on site today! This means that not one plastic bottle leaves our site, and we’re committed to ensuring that this is the case in all of our sites as our business grows.

Some may question the impact of this move – we’re just one little site…right? Well, let’s just take a moment to put that into context for you… In 2023, at our Bath site alone, we sold 27,197 plastic water bottles. If we were to lie each bottle out in a line, end to end, the length would equate to the length of 276 train carriages!! So, yes, it’s a pretty big deal!

Our bottles are infinitely recyclable; you can refill and reuse our White Feather Re:Water bottles again and again; or simply pop them in your recycling. They are also made using 100% recycled aluminium, which requires up to 95% less energy to produce than standard aluminium bottles and cans.

The project has been White Feather Founder Holly’s baby for the past 6 months, when talking about the move to Re:Water she said, “as a small business, this is a huge step for us and comes with great risk. It’s a bold move to go from plastic bottles, which are half the price, to selling Re:Water exclusively. However, we’re committed to making positive changes for the sake of the environment, and this was a risk that we absolutely had to take. The bottles have been really well received by our customers, and we’ve been thrilled with the feedback we’ve received so far. It’s mind blowing to think that this move alone, for just one site, has taken nearly 30,000 bottles out of the system every year!”