Our Values

At The White Feather Coffee Co, we’re not just another coffee chain. We’re a coffee chain with values and a real commitment to the bigger picture. Here, we’ll tell you all about how we aim to stand out from the crowd and make a difference to our customers and surrounding communities…


All of our produce is sourced locally, we don’t use any large, national suppliers. Where possible we source from suppliers within the same town or city – from buying our bacon from the local butcher to sourcing our bread from the town bakery. And where we can’t do this, we find suppliers within the county or region within which our outlets are based. 

Doing so helps us to ensure our produce is of the highest quality. We have excellent relationships with all of our suppliers, and we like to see our relationships with them as more of a partnership. Using local suppliers also means that we’re supporting the local economy in a whole number of ways, as well as going some way in keeping our carbon footprint low.

Green Credentials

As well as making the most of our local suppliers, we’re committed to doing our bit for the planet, and we’re always working to find new ways of ensuring that we keep our green credentials at the forefront of everything we do. From the use of keep cups, minimising our wastage and monitoring our water usage, to ensuring that our staff have high quality, durable and long lasting uniforms to minimise the need to renew and replace.

We’re big believers that together our marginal gains, where keeping things green are concerned, will be the big difference in pathing out the planet’s future. Every little helps!


At The White Feather Coffee Co, it’s not just about the food and drink we serve; or how we serve it; or even the environments we serve it in; we’re all about providing our customers with an experience – a holistic experience. 

Coffee shops are a hive of conversation, creativity and collaboration, they are the epitome of community, and provide a safe space to feel and express, meet, plan and create. The White Feather experience is set to nurture all of this and so much more.


We are a coffee chain with a whole lot of heart and personality. The White Feather Coffee Co stems from a place of deep meaning, born from a very personal experience. The roots of the heartache and love from which the business grew, feed their way through each interaction and into the relationships that we build with, and between, our staff, our suppliers and our customers.

At the White Feather Coffee Co, we like to have fun, enjoy our work, and we do all that we can to pass this vibe on to our customers. We may be the first person you speak to in the morning, or the last person you see before going home at night, we’re there for the lighthearted chit chat you need after a heavy meeting, or the listening ear you need when things haven’t gone to plan. Whatever you feel when you walk through the door, we want you to walk out knowing that we care.